Japanese Tea
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Strong(Sencha) Mild(Sencha)
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Sencha tastes rather wild as it is grown deep in the mountains. It has strong astringent properties unique to mountain tea.

Atera(young budding leaves)
100g  ¥3,240
Kirishima(natural farming)
100g  ¥1,080
100g  ¥1,080
Kumakiri tea-bag
1teabag     ¥129
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Tea grown on a flat plateau. The thick-skinned tea leaves are steamed for a longer
time to remove astringency and add richness.

Ogasa(young budding leaves)
100g  ¥2,160
100g  ¥1,620
100g     ¥864
100g     ¥540
Ogasa tea-bag
1teabag     ¥151
Ariake tea-bag
1teabag     ¥140
Makinohara tea-bag
1teabag       ¥86

Soft(Sencha) Light(Houjicha/Bancha/Genmaicha)
buy now These soft teas grown along misty rivers produce straightforward, local flavors of concentrated natural richness.
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Kawane(young budding leaves)
100g  ¥2,160
Uji MinamiYamashiro
100g  ¥1,620
Uji Dosenbo(natural farming)
100g  ¥1,080
Uji Minami Yamashiro tea-bag
1teabag     ¥172
buy now Light teas are gentle to our body with less caffeine and less stimulation.
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Hojicha 100(roasted tea)
100g  ¥1,080
Hojicha 80(roasted tea)
100g     ¥864
Hojicha 50(roasted tea)
100g     ¥540
100g     ¥540
100g     ¥540
Houjicha tea-bag
1teabag       ¥64

Matcha Other Types of Tea
buy now Matcha, powdered tea leaves, contains high quantities of vitamin C and chlorophyll and is well-known for its many health benefits.
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Matcha No.200
Matcha No.150
Matcha No.100
Matcha No.80
Matcha No.50
Matcha No.30
Green Powder
(matcha is a 20g unit)

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Gyokuro Karigane
100g     ¥972
Kukicha 80(Kawane)
100g     ¥864
Kukicha 50(Ogasa)
100g     ¥540
Genmaicha blended with matcha
100g     ¥432
Genmai(rosted brown rice)
100g     ¥324
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