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Other Matchawan/Yunomi/Sara
Matchawan/Yunomi(black)/Dish  buy now Yunomi(white)  buy now
(Kuro Matchawan)   ¥8640
Size: 15cm(d)/7.5cm(h)
Weight: 284g
Capacity: 680cc

(kuroyunomi L)   ¥4320
Weight: 292g
Capacity: 380cc

(kuroyunomi M)   ¥3240
Size: 7cm(d)/10.5cm(h)
Weight: 214g
Capacity: 270cc

(kuroyunomi S)   ¥2160
Size: 7cm(d)/9cm(h)
Weight: 160g
Capacity: 250cc

(kurosara L)   ¥3240
Weight: 320g

(kurosara M)   ¥2160
Size: 16cm(d)/3cm(h)
Weight: 214g

(kurosara S)   ¥1080
Size: 10.5cm(d)/2.5cm(h)
Weight: 90g

(tatenaga shiro L)   ¥3240
Weight: 324g
Capacity: 380cc

(tatenaga shiro M)   ¥2700
Size: 7.5cm(d)/10cm(h)
Weight: 216g
Capacity: 270cc

(tatenaga shiro S)   ¥2160
Size: 7.5cm(d)/9cm(h)
Weight: 180g
Capacity: 250cc

(hirayunomi L)   ¥2160
Weight: 180g
Capacity: 250cc

(hirayunomi M)   ¥1620
Size: 10cm(d)/6.5cm(h)
Weight: 148g
Capacity: 200cc

(hirayunomi S)   ¥1296
Size: 8cm(d)/5cm(h)
Weight: 100g
Capacity: 120cc

(Gyokuro yunomi)   ¥3240
Size: 5.7cm(d)/4cm(h)
Weight: 37g
Capacity: 60cc

   Made in Japan.
   You can wash with detergent.
   Crazes will appear in white tea bowls.Please take that as the one of texture.
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