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Cold Tea
Greentea Enjoy it Greentea Enjoy it
Strong Mild
buy now Enjoy the fresh sharp taste with lasting flavors of tea leaves.
Atera(ng buyoudding leaves)
100g  ¥3,240
Kirishima(natural farming)
100g  ¥1,080
100g  ¥1,080
Kumakiri tea-bag
1teabag     ¥129
buy now Enjoy the richness and pleasant cooling sensation. Its color is clear deep green.
Ogasa(young budding leaves)
100g  ¥2,160
100g  ¥1,620
100g     ¥864
100g     ¥540
Ogasa tea-bag
1teabag     ¥151
Makinohara tea-bag
1teabag       ¥86

Soft Light
buy now First enjoy fresh flavors and then mild sweetness.

Uji Dosenbo
100g  ¥1,080
buy now Enjoy subtle flavors and sweetness. With little caffeine content, you may enjoy a good quantity.

Hojicha 100(roasted tea)
100g  ¥1,080
Hojicha 80(roasted tea)
100g     ¥864
Hojicha 50(roasted tea)
100g     ¥540
100g     ¥540

Iced matcha Iced sencha tea-bags
buy now A healthy summer beverage as the powdered green tea leaves contain vitamin C and chlorophyll.
Matcha No.200
Matcha No.150
Matcha No.100
Matcha No.80
Matcha No.50
Matcha No.30
Green Powder
(green tea is a 20g unit)

buy now The tea-bags were developed to allow cold water to release the same flavors as hot water. Do not use with hot water.

Iced sencha tea-bags
1teabag     ¥108
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