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Cha-no-Ha Cafe

Cha-no-Ha has a tea room where our customers can relax. With seasonal plants on display, we offer green tea and confectioneries of the season. We hope that you will enjoy the time and space of your own there.

* Menu
   - Beverage (Matcha shake, matcha soda): 540yen
   - Set menu (1 type of tea and confectionery): 756yen
     sencha, matcha, gyokuro, iced sencha, iced matcha, iced gyokuro
   - Course menu (with confectionery): 1,944yen
     gyokuro - matcha - sencha
   - Special seasonal menu: 1,080yen and up

* Seasonal Menu
   Spring: Cherry indulgence, fresh tea of the year set
   Summer: Kudzu jelly set,Tea-flavored shaved ice
   Fall: chestnut indulgence,Baked apple
   Winter: Soba indulgence, new-year set

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