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Natural Farming

An organic tea garden

- Origin of Tea
Recycling is well-balanced in the world of nature. However, tea plantations that are expected to produce a large volume of quality tea efficiently year after year have no other option but to depend on chemical fertilizers to replenish necessary nutrients and to use pesticides (although the volume of this has decreased). However, Cha-no-Ha intends to offer tea with the original natural appeal that does not exist in teas grown where the emphasis is solely on chemicals and productivity. We believe that tea grown in the mountains or wild in conditions as close to nature as possible is a true natural substance and thus intend to explore and produce such tea.

- Cultivation
Good soil preparation is one of the keys to natural and honest tea farming. Cha-no-Ha no longer uses chemical fertilizers as they oxidize the soil, deteriorate the quality of the tea, and the soil becomes hard, making root growth difficult. Instead, we apply compost and other natural fertilizers to promote growth that helps maintain the balance of recycling. This helps bacteria growth to promote softening of the soil, root growth and absorption of nutrition from the soil. This enhances the vigor of the plant and makes it less likely to be attacked by pests. As a result, the tea tastes richer. Separation from other fields as the tea is grown in deep mountains at higher altitudes and thus pests do not fly that high and growing tea native to the locality and hence more resistant to pests and diseases are also keys to enabling natural tea cultivation not dependent on pesticides.

Organic tea leaves

- Enjoyment
Native cultivars that grow in deep mountains under favorable conditions have the original simplicity that improved cultivars cannot have. “Mountain tea Ethat grows in nature has a distinct strong taste and flavors. Hojicha, bancha and genmaicha are made from tea leaves from plants with enhanced vigor as a result of deep tilling and application of sufficient compost. They contain little caffeine and are thus good for children and when you are sick. Keys to fully enjoying these types of tea are to use boiling water to let it release the original flavors and taste of tea. We hope that tea we have chosen in accordance with our focus of “as natural as possible Ewill create comfortable and relaxing experiences for our customers.

- Tea natural farming
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